Recommendation Letters

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Robert Petterson

Animator and animation instructor, active in the Stockholm game development scene for more than two decades.

Stockholm 25 February 2022

To whom it may concern,

I would like to recommend Jac Carlsson.

For the last six months, I have had the pleasure of mentoring Jac on his journey to become a professional game-developer.

During this time, our focus was to enable Jac to create games with emphasis on character animation. We combined classical training exercises for animation with practical use of game-animation.

Jac is ambitious and a quick learner.

His interest and understanding of movement overall sets him apart from his peers. He demonstrates maturity and responsibility in his work and I often find myself forgetting he is not already an experienced developer.

I think Jac would be a great contribution to any team.


Robert Pettersson

Anna Grip

Former Artistic Director at Cullberg Ballet, Sweden and Head of The Danish National School for Contemporary Dance, Denmark

Stockholm 4 March 2022

To whom it may concern,

Recommendation for Jac Carlsson

I have known, followed and worked with Jac Carlsson as a student, apprentice and an employee since 2004. As I know him, Jac studies incessantly and through these years he has been consistent in motivation, curiosity and in constantly taking new initiatives. He has with great interest, attention and effort, methodically developed his artistic practice as a dance artist which here includes both performing and making art through dance and choreography. As a student Jac humbly submits to other expertise yet adds knowledge through reflecting on experience. From his studies and forward on he has combined intellectual elasticity with criticality and physical virtuosity which has made him one of Sweden’s most rare and highly competent artists.

Game design, contemporary dance and choreography are strongly intertwined and connect in their interest for motion, movement and time and I believe these specific fields of knowledges very often influence and enhance each other. Thus, I see Jac’s interest in game design as a self evident outgrowth of his studies in, and work with contemporary dance and choreography, and together with his virtues I am convinced that he would have the potential to create something valuable, relevant and important for future game making.

I strongly recommend Jac Carlsson

Anna Grip

Senior Lecturer

Stockholm University of the Arts


Former Artistic Director at Cullberg Ballet, Sweden and Head of The Danish National School for Contemporary Dance, Denmark