My Roles

Game Design
Technical Design
Capsule Movement
Animation System

True 1st Person Camera System


ENGINE: Unreal Engine 4



Work in Progress: Flowshooter

“A reality warping true 1st person shooter in Cyberspace. Momentum based flow of movement in arbitrary gravity”

This is a work in progress.

I’m showcasing it as a way to elaborate on how the process of creating gameplay can come from abstract thinking. This is a side project I’m making together with Vidar Grönros, João Kalva and Björn Fritzon.


What Does Arbitrary Gravity Do to Us

When gravity is arbitrary, more is happening to our mind than just that. Science tells us that one of the reasons why small kids love to spin is because it trains their relationship between their idea of self in relationship to space. This is fundamental in their development of language.

Language Is How We Define Who We Are

If children use disorientation as a way to define themselves in space and learn language, it means we could approach movement in the game as a question regarding identity itself.

This game is meant to be an entertaining 1st person shooter with fantastical motion in arbitrary gravity but also a game that uses mechanics to speak about identity.



The game should be mind warping yet allow the player to make sense of the situation by using the mechanics to integrate with it.

We want flow of movement and momentum based speed to be essential to the gameplay.

Combat should be fast, explosive and exciting.

Movement and gravity shifting should be intuitive and lead to exciting emergant gameplay. 

The Gravity Gun

The core gameplay is the ability to change gravity. This means designing levels and gameplay with this in mind.

  • Changing gravity should create interesting tactical choices
  • Gravity changes should bring new perspectives on the environment and movement possibilities
  • The player can use gravity to induce a fall, then switch it again, using your fall speed to build horizontal momentum as well
  • Using gravity to solve traversal challenges as well as create combat advantages
  • We want the player to see reality in a “new light”. For example a building might only appear as a building from the right gravitational viewpoint.

Rotation in Arbitrary Gravity

Making rotations and animations work in arbitrary gravity is very tricky. So much movement logic and the animation system itself relies upon the correct transation of rotations in space. Therefor we had to find way to deal with that in a smart and consistent manner.

Capsule Rotation Logic Example

This is the primary function I use to handle rotations of the player capsule in arbitrary gravity but only one of many examples where we had to do variations on this, especially for animations to work.