My Roles

Gameplay Designer
Level Design
Product Owner
Project Manager


ENGINE: Unreal Engine 4



Become Roentgen in Escathon Meadow! A Creature Born of Radiation on Post-Apocalyptic Earth

Roentgen must Solve Puzzles to Make Life Grow Again in the Meadow

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Escathon Meadow was the first game project I did at Futuregames, with a team of 6 developers over the course of 10 days.


Choreographic Methodologies in Game Design

Choreography is not just dancing, it is a way of thinking about time, space and movement of any kind. It can be applied as a methodology to create compositions and structures within any framework. Much like counterpoints in music, choreography is a way to create dynamics in space and time, a quality that is highly important in game development.

In this game I used chotreographic thinking to make a puzzle that moves the player in space and effectively “choreographs” their experience and behaviour in space and time.

Additional Thoughts

This was my very first game project ever. It was simple due to a short development time and functioned as a starting point in my explorations in design.

I learned a lot and found it incredibly rewarding to work in and manage a team. Using my experience from the performing arts in project management, direction, and creative tools, we exceeded expectations considering our limited experience in game development at the time of the project’s inception.

Moving Cloud Puzzle Blueprint Example