With a long history in Dance & Choreography, I’m passionate about the intimate relationship between gameplay, movement, combat, and mechanics.

Throughout my 15 year career as a dancer and choreographer, and now as a game designer, I have been told that I’m a great communicator. I’ve performed under high pressure in large collaborative groups, both as an interpreter of a vision and as a director of them. Communication is everything - it makes or breaks collaborations. As a game designer, constant, reliable transmission of ideas is key. Openness is essential to let yourself be inspired - and inspire others.

There is nothing more thrilling than working together to create experiences that move people.

I’ve performed professionally as a dancer with world renowned companies and artists such as Cullberg Ballet, Gothenbourg Dance Company, Edouard Lock, Robyn, and more. I aim to take that expertise - and pursuit of excellence in movement - into the gameplay, mechanics, and in-game experiences that I create. My passion for gameplay works in symbiosis with my understanding of movement as a dancer. Movement is everywhere, especially in games, and its the heart of exciting gameplay whether it’s combat, parkour, platforming, traversal, cinematics and much more.

I know what it means to perform at the highest level. My passion is to make games that offer meaning, depth and playful challenges to its players.